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Who can join?

  1. Abilene Area US Postal Service employees.
  2. Other Civilian employees of the Federal Government including the IRS, FAA, FDA, USDA, etc. who are working in Taylor County.
  3. Retirees of any of the above living in Taylor County
  4. Spouses of those who died while employed by any of the above.
  5. Family members of members. This includes relations by blood, marriage or legal adoption.
  6. Employees of the following separate employee groups located in Abilene, Texas:
  • Abilene Better Business Bureau
  • Benton Contruction
  • Bill Rhodes Insurance
  • Bradbury and Nix, Attorneys
  • T.C. Campbell
  • Clayton Chemical Company, Inc.
  • Computer Service Center
  • Jack Leonard Irrigation
  • Lone Star Hearing
  • Mack Jones Construction
  • Mail Processing Services
  • Mills Chiropractic Center
  • R&R Printing and Reproduction
  • Ramsey Bookkeeping and Tax Service
  • Rister Heating and Airconditioning
  • Salta Pipe Company, Inc.
  • Triple Play Sports Cards

How to Join?

Just complete a signature card and agreement and purchase one share of ownership in the credit union for $25.00 which stays on deposit in your savings (share) account. There is also a $1.00 non-refundable membership fee.

Employers who would like to offer their employees membership in the credit union should make a written request of such to our Board of Directors.


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